"Governance through Resilient, Eco Friendly Solutions"

Data Centre Services
Whether you are planning to expand your Data Centre, renovate its infrastructure or build a completely new Data Centre on a new site, XTVL Data Centre Services can help - with everything from preliminary consulting to assist you in defining your requirements, to a total turnkey solution. XTVL can plan, design, build and test your Data Centre to recognised industry standards, with focus on Resilience and Eco-Friendly design factors, this is backed by training for your staff to enable them to maintain the new environment.

Key Areas
- XTVL builds a five-year growth model for your Data Centre Solution based on your company's business plan, your current and future data-processing needs and likely technological evolution. You will receive a full evaluation report that includes electrical, mechanical and space requirements, along with equipment layout drawings, cost estimates and a proposed construction schedule.

Design - XTVL helps to ensure that all evaluation report topics, such as power, cooling, fire protection and other relevant topics, are addressed and resolved in the final design. If you have an architect, XTVL can work with them to help ensure that unique Data Centre requirements, such as underfloor airflow for ventilation, are met.

Construction - XTVL can act as your project manager through all phases of construction. You get a turnkey solution no matter how complex the job. Planning and Design are available as a separate package, or you can engage XTVL to oversee the entire project.