"Governance through Resilient, Eco Friendly Solutions"


Our Sales and Marketing services are based on a robust methodology and designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of our clients. We provide a range of services that can be tailored from a single item right through to a full package whereby we effectively take on all representation of the client in the UK Market. Our Packages are:

Xplore - eXplore the capability of the clients products or services. Their suitability for the UK Market and how best to place them including Channel and RTM analysis.

Xpose  - eXpose the customers products and services to the market using all suitable mediums i.e. Industry Events, Advertising, PR, Customer Specific Events…..

Xpand - eXpand the customers capability to service their customers by providing local support services

Xtend - eXtend the customers capability to support sales engagements by providing sales resources in country to service customer engagements.